Swordfish Trips - Florida, NC, and NJ


Florida Swordfish Trips

Fort Lauderdale and Miami have become some of the best spots to Swordfish in the world. Right off the South Florida coastline, just past the shelf you’ll find the swordfish grounds. We can target them at night, or even during the day. We offer a great offshore day charter & Swordfish combo trip, allowing us to target dolphin, wahoo, tuna, and swordfish, all in the same outting. Miami Fishing Charters offer great alternatives on many various species to target!

The run to the swordfish grounds is 15 to 30 miles out of Miami and Key West, Florida, in the GULFSTREAM. Lots of different types of bait can be productive when targeting swordfish which we often catch on the reef on the way out to the Gulfstream off of Florida. Squid, Mackeral, Speedos, Blue Runners, and Small Tuna all do the trick. We will run anywhere from 1-3 baits per rod, depending on conditions and the depth we are fishing.

Daytime Swordfishing is possible. We can catch them during the day. Best bet and our most productive trip is an "offshore trolling and night time swordfishing combo trip". We depart at 12:00pm and fish all afternoon for Dolphin, Wahoo, and Tuna, moving offshore towards the Swordfish grounds throughout the afternoon. By nightfall, we will be where we would like to start our drift, and work back up to the North, drifting with the Gulfstream.


Swordfish Charter Boat Florida Swordfish Charter Boats

In South Florida and the Florida Keys we have multiple boats to choose from for your next Florida Swordfish Charter. Depending on your group size, we have probably the perfect boat and location to target Swordfish in the Gulf Stream off the Florida Shoreline. Our largest boat is a 54' Bertram based In Miami and the Bahamas. We also have two center consoles, and a crew that specializes in both daytime swordfishing as well as nighttime Florida Sworfish Trips. Miami is a world class swordfish destination and we are setup perfectly to get you to the swordfish grounds in comfort. Down in Florida Keys we use smaller faster Center Console boats to target swordfish, and also have a fast center console that is specifically rigged for swordfish out of Miami.



swordfish chartersNew Jersey Swordfish Trips

Beginning in July, we will be fishing for swordfish and sharks! In New Jersey our swordfishing is done at night in the canyons 70 to 90 miles offshore. We usually fish right on the 100 fathom curve drifting from 600 to 1200 feet of water. The areas around the Wilmington Canyon have been very productive for us the last few years, and when we go specifically to target swords in the canyons, we do quite well.


We will run as many as 6 lines at night, with the best baits being live squid and mackerel. Most of our fishing is done on PENN 70VSW outfits which are the perfect swordfish stand-up rod/reel combination. Our trips are either 22 or 46 hours, allowing us enough time to get to the canyons and fish all night. During the day, we will usually troll for tuna marlin, dolphin, and wahoo. Nighttime is dedicated to Swordfish and Sharks, and Tuna as well.

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Open Boat Bluefin Tuna TripsOver Under Adventures runs frequent open seating swordfish charters, giving small groups of anglers the opportunity to team up on swordfish trips and split the expense with other anglers. We maintain a mailing list to let everyone know when we add new swordfish trips. We run open boat fishing trips in Hatteras, NC, Miami, MD and New Jersey.  Please join our mailing list to get on one of our split charters or open swordfish trips.  Reservations are required and typically these swordfish trips are planned 1-3 months in advance.

Swordfish Trip Types
8 Hour Miami Night Swordfish
8 Hour Miami Daytime Swordfish Trip
22 Hour NJ Overnight Swordfish Trip
46 Hour NJ Double Overnight Swordfish Trip